Our Office

Location: Burgas, Bulgaria
Founder & Design principle: George Iliev

Our studio was established in 2012, and our office created the same year. During that same year, the project received a Gold Medal in an European Interior Design competition, got featured in Behance (with Appreciation Award during Portfolio Reviews Week), with written articles in The Creator’s Project European Magazine, and the Interior Design magazine “MAGAZINE” in Bulgaria. We also received publications about it in the much-appreciated Bulgarian Media Outlet – Capital.


It got known as “The office, where you walk with slippers”.

That same year, we beat Google’s new office in the same competition.

A friendly, welcoming setting that soothes you. Space, where you can work without the feeling someone is watching over your shoulder. We aimed to create a feeling of warmth and deisgn, that is timeless.

Ten years later, we can confirm.

It is truly amazing to work in the living room you never had.

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